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Rob Stewart

Rob Stewart:


Rob Stewart is an award-winning biologist, photographer, conservationist and filmmaker. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, he began photographing underwater when he was 13. Rob holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.

While on an assignment photographing sharks in the Galapagos Islands, he discovered that illegal longlining was killing sharks within the marine reserve. To raise awareness of the plight of sharks he made the film Sharkwater; the film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2007 and has won 35 awards at film festivals around the world.

Rob has made television appearances on Larry King Live, The Today Show, Tonight Show, The Late Show, Nightline, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, ET Canada, Bloomberg, The Hour, BBC1, MTV and others. In a 2011 The Grid Magazine survey, he was voted top living resident for making Toronto a better place.

Rob is the founder of United Conservationists and remains of a guiding force of UC and Fin Free as a member of the organization’s Advisory Board.



Tristan Bayer

Tristan Bayer:


Tristan Bayer grew up traveling the world making nature documentaries with his father, renowned wildlife filmmaker, Wolfgang Bayer. As a multi-hyphenate filmmaker, Tristan Bayer’s credits include television host, producer, writer, director, cinematographer, editor, photographer, and digital artist. His work has aired on Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, Planet Green, National Geographic, BBC, Fox, TBS, and MTV. Tristan was nominated for an Emmy in cinematography for the TV series he created entitled “Caught in the Moment”, a ten part one hour series on Animal Planet. Recently Tristan directed and produced the short film “Acid Test: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification” featuring Sigourney Weaver. Tristan is a founding, and current member of United Conservationists’ Board of Directors.




Board of Directors

Dustin Titus

Dustin Titus:

Dustin is a tech entrepreneur and a Digital Marketer with a foundation in facilitating the growth and development of communities online. His passions have been an outlet for Dustin to express his passion for technology, connecting with others, and helping amazing people and organizations accomplish inspiring things (such as working with Rob Stewart and Sharkwater since 2009). Outside of the office, Dustin is intricately involved in downhill and water skiing communities across the Canada – previously as a coach and ski pro, and currently as a Director for Water Ski Wakeboard Ontario. His favorite places in the world? Backcountry British Columbia and Morrison Lake, Muskoka, Ontario


Julie Andersen

Julie Andersen:

Few people leave successful marketing careers to pursue a passion for the oceans and in doing so, take on one of the hardest PR jobs on the planet. A passionate environmentalist, diver of 15 years and lover of the oceans, Julie evolved her special relationship with sharks to a new level after watching them disappear from her favorite dive spots. Now her business is saving them.

A lifelong entrepreneur, Julie has channelled over 14 years of professional experience in advertising into this mission. Having built a business from the ground up, with upwards of 40 employees and $7 million in yearly revenue in a few years time working for companies like AOL, Porsche, Citibank and Volkswagen, she brings a unique perspective and deep experience to the cause. Julie is now a full-time grassroots activist, having founded three non-profits - Shark Angels, United Conservationists and Shark Savers - during the past 5 years, and consulting to countless others including Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, PEW and WildAid.


Vanessa Pereira

Vanessa Pereira:

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