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Fin Free Team to Announce National Campaign to Ban Import of Shark Fin

Written by United Conservationists.

On the heels of the landmark legislation in California, and now Mississauga Ontario, a team of lawmakers, conservationists and citizens (“Fin Free”) are leading the grassroots movement to forward the motion to ban the sale and possession of shark fins in Toronto. With up to 73,000,000 sharks killed each year for their fins and some regional populations down by 98%, this campaign could establish Canada as a leader for shark conservation worldwide.


On October 13th, the Licensing and Standards Committee will meet at City Hall where they will present a recommendation for Toronto City Council to request that the Federal Government introduce import regulations on shark fins. While the FinFree team agrees Federal action is in order, Toronto can and should take action now to help protect shark populations. This is the public’s final opportunity to address the issue here in Toronto, and a showdown bewteen advocates and opposition is set to play itself out Thursday at 9:30am in Committee Room 1.


Rob Stewart – Sharkwater United Conservationists

Rob Sinclair – WildAid Canada

Les Stroud – Survivorman

Julie Andersen – Shark Angels



Ahead of the Licensing and Standards Committee meeting, the Fin Free team will reveal its national strategy to support the ban the import of shark fin in Canada 

as announced by MP Fin Donnelly last month in Toronto. Interviews with key Fin Free team members can also occur.


Thursday, October 13, 2011 at 9:00am EST


At Winston Churchill statue, south west corner of Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto CANADA



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