Why UC


Why UC:

Written by United Conservationists.

We believe that by uniting an educated public in protecting the ecosystems we depend upon, we have the power to start a planetary revolution.


    •    believe the public will change the world when educated about the issues
    •    think that advertising, media and PR tactics Fortune 500 corporations employ should be deployed to save the environment.
    •    use innovative approaches as filmmakers, advertising executives, and social media experts to change the messaging around conservation – no more gloom and doom. We are starting a revolution, winning, and having a blast doing it.
    •    encourage people to make a difference with their own two hands.
    •    use the power, energy and community of kids to change the world
    •    approach conservation in a way that isn’t overly bureaucratic, corporate, or political.
    •    are powered by and work for the people
    •    believe in the power of partnerships and collaboration.
    •    reduce operational fees through the creation of a virtual community, and gain sponsorship and funding in a cost effective manner.

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