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Swish Suits

Swish Suits is an eco-chic wetsuit line geared at those who want more than what a normal wetsuit can deliver. Swish Suits are high performance, sexy and eco-friendly. We decided to build a company that gives back more than it takes and only takes what the natural world can afford to give. That’s one of the many reasons why we use limestone-based neoprene. It’s also why we live our lives and run our company in as eco-friendly a way as we can, while supporting aquatic charities. Being an eco and socially responsible company isn’t an end point; it is something we strive for every day. Swish Suits: Where eco meets fashion


Since the cultivation of Web 2.0, business and marketing strategies across the globe have been forced to undergo substantial transformation to incorporate social media and the concept of digital communities. rGenta was founded in 2009 as a response to this powerful movement. The name rGenta was derived from ‘Argentina’ – a country with a beautiful custom where communities connect through a shared cup of yerba mate tea. This reflects what rGenta seeks to accomplish every day, as a company based on a community-centric philosophy. rGenta represents a wide range of clients, including Crystal Head Vodka, Dan Aykroyd and the Allan Candy Company, in addition to working with not-for-profit organizations such as the Center for Living Peace Orange County and Sharkwater.



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