White Light
Another perspective on the great white shark. Vicious monsters or magnificent predators? Watch and then decide. We think you'll change your view. Swimming and filming with the great white sharks in South Africa - NO cages, of course. Andy, Mark and...
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Survivorman Les Stroud supports Fin Free Toronto
Les Stroud, the man known to TV audiences as "Survivorman" makes a plea to fans to take action and support a shark fin ban in Toronto
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JOIN the REVOLUTION! Become a United Conservationist!
WE NEED to save the ecosystems humans depend on for survival United Conservationists (UC) is a revolutionary new NGO nine years and 30 countries in the making. What started out as a mission to save sharks hurdled our tiny team into the biggest battle...
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Shaped by Sharks
Learn how our oceans have been shaped by sharks and how they became architects of the seas in this clip from the film SHARKWATER
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Fin Free
We are United Conservationists
United Conservationists is a different kind of conservation group. We believe in you, in humanity, and the fact that we are all inherently good deep down inside. In fact, we’ve already proven it .... Rob Stewart introduces United Conservationists.
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United Conservationists
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