Rob Stewart -- SharkWater
Rob Stewart, the director of 'SharkWater,' discusses the Fin industry.
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Rob Stewart ideaCity09
Director and documentary filmmaker Rob Stewart spent four years traveling the world as chief photographer for the Canadian Wildlife Federation's magazines. H...
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Idea City
Sea Shepherd - Longline Fishing Campaign - Sharkwater
We would like to thank Rob Stewart and the makers of SHARKWATER for footage used in this video. One of the priority campaigns for Sea Shepherd Conservation S...
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Sea Shepheard
Swimming With Whale Sharks
Rob Stewart Swims with whale shakes filming for his new doc Rise Again.
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Rob Stewart
Rob Stewart's OVOPUR on Entertainement Tonight for Earth Day!
Sharks Water's director Rob Stewart gives us a few tips to save the planet in the Earth Day edition of E-T Canada. Featuring eco design water filter OVOPUR.
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Rob Stewart
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